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What is Bubble Soccer?

“Bubble soccer”…a very popular concept these days! The game consists of two teams, each no more than five players (substitutions are allowed) that battle for the win. There are two halves of the game, each 12 minutes and a half time in between which is typically around 5 minutes. An interesting concept to this game is there are no goalkeepers allowed and there are no offside rules! Also, if the ball goes out of bounds, it is still considered active. There are a few other minor rules and regulations to the unique game of bubble soccer, but for the most part those are the main ones.

kids playing bubble soccer in georgia

Many people have heard of bubble soccer in Atlanta but do not realize the endless possibilities of fun that can be had with it. In its most simple form, bubble soccer can be played just like traditional soccer with a fun twist, which is putting each of the players in an inflatable bubble or zorb.

This concept takes traditional soccer to an all new level, making it more interesting and challenging! For instance, when two players run towards the ball, they cannot get super close without bouncing off one another. When they try to make contact with the other player’s feet, they end up bouncing off of them. However, bouncing off one another is the best part because there is no wrong way to fall or hit each other. Some people think it could be potentially dangerous but in reality it is very safe and the bubble provides lots of protection. When you get knocked to the ground, you bounce around a couple times and get right back on your feet…well most of the time. Sometimes people bounce around and get stuck upside down in their bubble which only makes the game even more fun!

Another huge plus about bubble soccer is it is taken so lightly. It is not treated as a competitive game, but if it is…how can one not laugh at a bunch of players bouncing all over a field? There are games where players cannot even get up because they are laughing so hard. There are so many positives about bubble soccer, but there are also so many situations that it can be used for!

Looking for a good birthday party for people of all ages? Look no further, Atlanta bubble soccer is always a fun option! It is also a great social activity. For instance, if you want something fun and different to do to get a group of friends together, this game is perfect! To sum it up, bubble soccer is an awesome game for any occasion or age group. It is trending all over social media on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more. Fun fact: Bubble soccer actually became a huge deal in the United States when Jimmy Fallon brought it on his show!

Do you want to try one of the most hyped games of modern day? You found it right here…bubble soccer. Whether you are sitting on the bench watching the game, refereeing it, or playing in it, you will find joy. Get ready for endless laughter and an unforgettable amazing experience playing bubble soccer in Atlanta, contact us today!